The current work schedule of the didactic dean’s office of the Faculty “Artes Liberales” can be found on the Faculty’s home page.

Dean’s office manager:

Dr. Violetta Rączewska
tel. 22 55 25 910


Karolina Koper, MA
Student affairs, registration for classes, learning/teaching matters (schedules, classrooms, cancelled classes)
Stipends, financial matters, classes provided and obtained
tel. +48 22 55 25 910, ext. 142


ul. Dobra 72
00-312 Warszawa


Dr. Violetta Rączewska


Dr. Dorota Łagodzka


Faculty of “Artes Liberales” – White Villa

ul. Dobra 72

The main building of the Faculty of Biology

ul. Miecznikowa 1

Faculty of Psychology

ul. Stawki 5/7