The course aims to provide students with interdisciplinary knowledge about humans and animals, from the humanities and the social and natural sciences, and also to develop their skills in noticing, describing and understanding phenomena at the border of different fields. Combining different areas of knowledge from the humanities as well as natural and social sciences, the course prepares students for a future of ever new challenges and participation in building a relationship between humans and animals based on in-depth knowledge about animals and respect for their interests, well-being and rights.

Anthropozoology graduates know how to expand their knowledge on their own, integrating facts and phenomena from various fields of learning. They are characterised by open-mindedness and sensitivity to the world around them and in their attitude towards and treatment of animals. Their open-minded stance is based on integral knowledge from the fields of biology, anthropology, psychology, sociology, law, history, art studies, cultural and religious studies, literary studies, philosophy and ethics. With the help of appropriate tools, graduates know how to analyse and shape interactions with animals, taking into account their social, cultural, historical, legal, theological, economic and political context.

Graduates have a solid foundation for MA-level studies with elements of autonomous research in the humanities as well as at the border of the social sciences, humanities and natural sciences. Graduates know how to work with animals, building relationships with them based on respect, trust, autonomy, openness, mutual learning and the principle of protecting the weaker party and taking care of its life and well-being. They are well prepared for working at institutions involved in education, culture, tourism and media as well as organisations working on solving problems of relations with animals, local-government and NGO institutions, and in the private sector, including companies in the growing market for sustainable and cruelty-free products.