Cleve Hicks has spent his life circumnavigating the globe in search of his primate cousins. He spent 6 years in the Congo Basin slogging through swamps after western lowland gorillas and trekking across savannahs in pursuit of eastern chimpanzees. Now, when not in the forest, he teaches classes on nonhuman culture at The Faculty of Artes Liberales at the University of Warsaw, Poland and writes scientific papers at the Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology in Leipzig, Germany. In short, he enjoys his life as a multi-cultured bipedal chimpanzee. In order to express his love of nature as well as indulge in his passion for art, Cleve has just painted and written a book for children: A Rhino to the Rescue: A Tale of Conservation and Adventure.

Link to A Rhino to the Rescue:
Link to Tedx talk on the culture of the Bili chimpanzees:

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